THIS! Not… *That*

Why can’t I look as good as Zac Efron or J-Lo? → These people have great qualities but so do I!

  • Most people have body image issues, even celebrities. They are constantly being photoshopped by publishers. How would you feel in their shoes? There is so much more to you than how you look! Every body is so different and unique and we should be valuing those differences. (How weird would this world be if we were all the same…)

I’ll be so much happier once I lose 10 pounds → Why can’t I be happy without losing weight?

  • My happiness isn’t tied to my weight. Let’s change our culture’s fatphobia and beauty standards that have defined our worth by our weight. Losing 10 pounds won’t make your friends love you more, help you find the love of your life, or make your problems fade away because you are “skinnier.” Do what’s best for your mental, emotional, and physical health. 

I’m so worthless! I haven’t seen any improvements → I’m a work in progress and will get there soon! Let’s rework these goals!

  • Every health choice counts. Make sure your goals are realistic, obtainable, and FLEXIBLE! We are all busy individuals with our lives in front of us. It’s great to have goals, but make sure they are realistic so you don’t constantly run yourself down by trying to reach them! Make sure your goals are in your best interest and align with your values! 

I can’t wear this out of the house → I don’t love this but maybe one day I can feel confident in it!

  • When you make negative comments about your own body or weight, you are also making comments on someone else’s body and weight.
  • It’s okay to not love everything you try on. But telling yourself you don’t look good in certain clothing because of how society will perceive you is not okay. Wear what you want to wear.

Do you think this is flattering? → I feel confident in this!

  • Since when do we need to flatter other people with our bodies or what we wear?
  • If you feel good in something, you totally should rock it then!

Body image is a women’s problem. Real men don’t struggle with body image → Everyone has these challenges, just to a different extent. 

  • 45% of males are dissatisfied with their body image, triple the rates from 25 years ago.
  • Men are less likely to reach out or not talk about these problems.

Delete that pic! I do not look good! → We all look so happy! Let’s take another! 

  • Reworking how you look at the situation could work magic. 
  • It won’t bring negativity into the situation.
  • Focus on the joy in the moment, not “how you look.”

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