Body Image and Mental Health

These two seem to pair together well, sadly. Here are some ways to dissociate these two; body image and mental health


Transitioning from high school to college is a pretty big deal and bring a lot of new and exciting things into someone’s life. However, some people may experience transitions when coming to college that may prove to be very overwhelming and stressful. Dealing with these changes may be a catalyst for depression.

Vaping is for Fuuls

Vaping is gaining popularity, especially among young teens and college aged adults. Some argue that it’s better than smoking cigarettes and others claim it helps them relax. Yet, approximately 60% of teens incorrectly report e-cigarettes being comprised mostly of flavoring. What’s the truth about vapes?


Mary Jane. Weed. Pot. Herb. Marijuana. What’s the 411 (or should I say 420?) on marijuana??