How to Park at Montana State University

If you are an off-campus student who drives to school, parking could very well seem like a punishment. You could pay a lot of money for a good spot in school lots, a decent amount of money for a mediocre spot in school lots, pay no money in the hopes that you will not be…

Mindful Exercise

Why do you exercise? Is it because you have a routine? Do your friends go to a spin class with you? Do you go walking with your dog every weekend? Exercise should be a fun and mood boosting part of your day!

Body Neutrality

Through body neutrality, we can create an environment for people to think of their body and appearance not as things that define their worth, but aspects of who they are that can bring joy, curiosity, and nourishment.

Body Image and Mental Health

These two seem to pair together well, sadly. Here are some ways to dissociate these two; body image and mental health

How to Train for Your First Marathon

So, you’ve decided that you want to bring your running game to the next level! Here are some tips and tricks to help support you in crushing your goals!