Tired of Ramen & Fast Food?

Why is college the staple time to eat ramen and fast food? There are plenty of recipes that are cheaper than fast food and are easy peasy lemon squeezy. Here are some examples.

Everything in balance, moderation, and variety, right?

Why is this what some people call the key to a successful diet? Within this thinking, no foods are off-limits and you can possibly gain optimal mental and nutritional health. Here are some considerations with these ambiguous words.

Navigating Online Classes

Transitioning from in-person class settings to remote learning styles can be difficult for a number of reasons. Bad internet connection, confusion regarding classwork and expectations, and lack of motivation can all create a murky learning space to complete online classwork. Read on for some suggestions to help improve online learning in the midst of a pandemic.

Conflict Resolution

Living with roommates can be hard, and it can be even harder during a quarantine and self isolation. If you are having conflict with your roommates, partner, family, or others that you live with, it can make life a little unbearable. Learning how to resolve and manage conflict is a helpful skill to have!

Tips for Keeping your Mouth Healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some Quick Tips and Tricks from MSU’s University Health Partners Dental Clinic Please don’t distance yourself from your brush and floss. They need you right now! A healthy mouth helps to maintain a healthy immune system. Brush your teeth twice each day for 2 minutes and floss daily. Wash your hands before and after flossing…

Feeling Anxious? Read This.

Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world. It can be easy to feel anxious or panicked when thinking about the future or what may happen due to COVID19. There are still campus resources such as Counseling and Psychological Services available to students, so reach out if you or a friend is in need. There are other ways to reduce stress and anxiety during the next few weeks that you can practice at home! Here are a few tips:

10 Ways to Pass the Time Besides a Home Workout

While home workouts can be a great way to get some exercise, increase endorphins, and contribute to a happy mood, there are other things to do with your free time too! Read on for ten ideas to help you boost your mood and reduce stress or anxiety.