Tired of Ramen & Fast Food?

Why is college the staple time to eat ramen and fast food? There are plenty of recipes that are cheaper than fast food and are easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not to mention a whole lot better for you than fast food. Below, we picked out some of our favorite recipes from some websites that have a bunch of college friendly recipes. Click on the name to get the recipe.

4-Ingredient Healthy Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Total cost: $7.32 — Cost per serving: $1.46

Poor Man’s Burrito Bowl

Total cost: $7.07 — Cost per serving: $1.18

Close up overhead shot of a poor man's burrito bowl with melted cheese

Extra-easy lasagna recipe

  Total cost: $24.50 — Cost per serving: $3.50

Image result for lasagna

The food pantry on campus, Bounty of the Bridgers can also help make these recipes come to life! If you need help with buying groceries, visit the food pantry. Free for all students!

Here are links to affordable and filling recipe websites:

5 ingredient recipesRecipes for college students Easy dorm room recipesDinners under $10

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