Safety on Online Dating Apps

As classes begin, many students will be excited to meet new people and form new relationships. However, with social groupings restricted as they are, students may decide to turn to online dating apps to pursue relationships that they would have otherwise been unable to obtain. At the Office of Health Advancement, we encourage students to…

Conflict Resolution

Living with roommates can be hard, and it can be even harder during a quarantine and self isolation. If you are having conflict with your roommates, partner, family, or others that you live with, it can make life a little unbearable. Learning how to resolve and manage conflict is a helpful skill to have!

Connecting at MSU

College is a time of transition and growth. Most of us move hours away from home, leaving behind family, friends, and pets. This can make it difficult to feel connected. Below are some tips on how to connect here on campus! Join a club or organization! As soon as you get onto campus, Catapalooza is…

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Safe sex is important to ensure the health and safety of both you and your sexual partner or partners. Safe sex includes STI screening, consent, and the use of contraception. Safer sex can result in more intimacy with a partner, better communication between partners, and better sex!