How to Prevent Burnout

Ever feel just completely burned out from school, work, or both? You’re not alone. Read to how to prevent your next burnout.

Connecting at MSU

College is a time of transition and growth. Most of us move hours away from home, leaving behind family, friends, and pets. This can make it difficult to feel connected. Below are some tips on how to connect here on campus! Join a club or organization! As soon as you get onto campus, Catapalooza is…

How To Help a Friend Struggling With Body Image

It can also be hard for us to see our friends and loved ones struggling with body image. We may love and appreciate them for the humor, brightness, generosity, and kindness they bring to the world, but they may be blinded by negative body image and unable to see past the image that they see in the mirror.

Mindful Exercise

Why do you exercise? Is it because you have a routine? Do your friends go to a spin class with you? Do you go walking with your dog every weekend? Exercise should be a fun and mood boosting part of your day!

Body Neutrality

Through body neutrality, we can create an environment for people to think of their body and appearance not as things that define their worth, but aspects of who they are that can bring joy, curiosity, and nourishment.


March is National Nutrition Month. If you have ever wondered what proper nutrition even means, then you’re in the right place.