How to Prevent Burnout

What exactly does it mean to be burning out in terms of stress?

Burnout occurs after a prolonged amount of constant stress. Feelings of being overwhelmed, unable to meet all of the items expected of yourself, and emotionally drained.

Does this sound familiar?

Everyday is a hard day, drained all the time, you feel like all tasks you are completing are mind-numbing or more time consuming than usual, or nothing you are doing is appreciated? If so, maybe you are on your way to being burned out. 

What typically leads to burnout?

School overload, overworking, and overall the feeling of being undervalued or overwhelmed. These feelings could stem from the lack of control you feel like you have on your stressors, lack of appreciation, and doing unchallenging work. What do you think would cause you to burn out?

How to act upon preventing this!

Recognize the signs, reverse the signs, and be resilient to stress! Easier said than done, right. Turn to somebody you trust to talk about your stressors. Try to be more social with people in your classes or work to alleviate some of the common stressors. Reframe how you look at situations by finding balance and value in the work you are doing!

How to incorporate BALANCE!

Set boundaries by learning how to say “no” to certain requests, take a break to do some self-care or non-work related activities. Limit your time spent with negativity. Lastly, get plenty of sleep to ease stress and to be able to practice what you just read!

Ideas adopted by “Burnout Prevention and Treatment”

Here is a activity to get ya thinking during your next stressful time!

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