Why Fiber is Fantastic!

Fiber is more than just a tool to help you poop, it is a fantastic nutrient. Fiber (sometimes referred to as dietary fiber) is an edible nutrient that people can get from plant-based products. Strangely though, one of fiber’s principal features is that it is not digestible. So why then is it so useful? Shouldn’t…

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Written by Jessica Peterson, MS, RD, CDCES, Registered Dietician Nutritionist When we think of eating disorders we often think about the emancipated, white, teenage girl staring at herself in the mirror grasping for the fat she does not have on her body.  We rarely see the 20 something male meticulously counting macros, the transgender freshman…

Food Gives us Life pt. 1

Diets schm-iets, no one needs them… ever. Food is one of the most wonderful, and necessary, parts of life. Without food we are toast (and not the tasty kind)! Food is not just something that has to be in our lives, it’s something that gets to be in our lives. This is something I am…

The Spooky Truth Behind the Halloween Candy Binge

by Jessi Peretti, RD. Nervous about the upcoming access of Halloween candy? Concerned you won’t be able to control yourself?  Making a plan to decrease the availability of candy or monitoring the amount you allow yourself to eat? Already frustrated with yourself for overindulging?  HOLD UP! Don’t blame yourself and your lack of willpower.  Overindulging…

Tired of Ramen & Fast Food?

Why is college the staple time to eat ramen and fast food? There are plenty of recipes that are cheaper than fast food and are easy peasy lemon squeezy. Here are some examples.

Everything in balance, moderation, and variety, right?

Why is this what some people call the key to a successful diet? Within this thinking, no foods are off-limits and you can possibly gain optimal mental and nutritional health. Here are some considerations with these ambiguous words.

Body Neutrality

Through body neutrality, we can create an environment for people to think of their body and appearance not as things that define their worth, but aspects of who they are that can bring joy, curiosity, and nourishment.


March is National Nutrition Month. If you have ever wondered what proper nutrition even means, then you’re in the right place.

Body Image and Mental Health

These two seem to pair together well, sadly. Here are some ways to dissociate these two; body image and mental health