Tips & Tricks from a College Student about Food:

  • Freeze food that is about to go bad to save them for later use
    • Do you struggle finishing a whole loaf of bread before it gets moldy? Or a whole container of blueberries? When you buy a loaf of bread or blueberries, put ½ or ¼ of it in a ziplock or reusable bag and toss it in the freezer until you need it! 
    • Items that will save well in the freezer
      • Bread items
      • Berries, mangos, and pineapple 
      • Meats
      • Veggies
      • Casseroles 
  • Meal prep if you have a busy week ahead of you
    • To avoid stopping at fast food on your way home
    • To fuel your body during stress and tests
    • To avoid spending money at the library, SUB, coffee shop, etc.
    • Look at the college friendly recipes blog to see how cheap it can be to meal prep!
  • Put together a grocery list before you go and don’t go to the grocery store hungry
    • To avoid buying anything unnecessary
    • So you aren’t wandering around the store aimlessly 

A few more useful tips

  • You don’t have to buy the whole bunch of bananas
    • If you know you’ll only want two for the week, just buy two!
    • But if you do, throw them in the freezer for use later
  • Frozen produce is a great alternative
    • Frozen fruits and veggies are just as nutrient dense
    • Good thing to turn to on the go
    • Good idea if the fresh will go bad before use
    • Don’t have to use the whole supply at once, thus easy to portion
  • Make sure what you buy will keep you satisfied! 
    • Buy the items that will make you happy & full!
    • Buy some snacks you enjoy to avoid overeating at times
    • Buy the produce that you will actually eat, not what you hope you will want to eat

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