Navigating Online Classes

Transitioning from in-person class settings to remote learning styles can be difficult for a number of reasons. Bad internet connection, confusion regarding classwork and expectations, and lack of motivation can all create a murky learning space to complete online classwork. Read on for some suggestions to help improve online learning in the midst of a pandemic.

Set boundaries with your housemates

If you have a WebEx, Zoom, or other type of video meeting coming up, let the people that you live with know. This can help them to be aware of their noise level and let them know that you may need space for a while to focus on your classwork. Especially if you are using a common area, setting clear boundaries with your housemates on when everyone needs the space for virtual meetings can prevent conflict from arising.

Set boundaries with yourself

Let’s be honest. Can you really get that paper written if you are scrolling through TikTok and posting on Instagram at the same time as you’re scrolling through D2L? Probably not. Set your phone aside when you are working on homework to help yourself focus on classwork that needs to get done. Also, be kind to yourelf and set time limits for working on schoolwork and take little breaks as needed.

Create a class routine

Some classes may still meet online at the same time, but what about those that don’t? It can be difficult to create time and space to get your classwork done for these courses. By creating a daily routine for yourself, you can get work done in a productive manner that can help you feel more on top of and in control of your work. Try creating a weekly list of tasks to complete for each class and aim to get them done by your deadline.

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Communicate with your professor

If you struggling or aren’t able to complete a task, assignment, or project on time, let your professor know as soon as you can. By sending them a quick email or message, you can create a clear communication path. More often than not, your professor will understand the situation and work with you to figure out a solution.

Create a group chat with classmates

If you don’t already have one, try reaching out to some of your fellow classmates to create an online chat group, group text, or consider scheduling weekly virtual study meet-ups. Since everyone is going through the class together, it can be helpful to have peers to lean on for advice and help with assignments.

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Utilize your other resources

At MSU, we are lucky to have resources like Smarty Cats tutoring, the MSU library, the Math Learning Center, and the Writing Center that are also available for students to use remotely. Check out this helpful page at MSU for more resources regarding online class.

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