Many students may be confused or angered by the changes COVID-19 has brought upon their college lifestyle. Especially new students, many of whom are entering into a novel environment with expectations that differ greatly from reality. Here at the Office of Health Advancement, we look to improve student life within the boundaries of healthy living….

Washing Your COVID-19 Masks

“Ewwww! My mask stinks! Does this thing even work?” Masks are one of the most prominent changes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and they can sometimes be frustrating. However, masks are a requirement on the MSU campus when inside buildings and are mandated in Gallatin County. We understand these frustrations and would like to offer…

Treat Yo-self to Some Plants!

During the COVID-19 pandemic it is no shock that worldwide we are spending 35% more time at home than we were in the beginning of the year… that is a huge a change! So how can we create a home environment that is conducive to our wellness? The answer is simple: plants. In a time…

Tips for Keeping your Mouth Healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some Quick Tips and Tricks from MSU’s University Health Partners Dental Clinic Please don’t distance yourself from your brush and floss. They need you right now! A healthy mouth helps to maintain a healthy immune system. Brush your teeth twice each day for 2 minutes and floss daily. Wash your hands before and after flossing…

Body Neutrality

Through body neutrality, we can create an environment for people to think of their body and appearance not as things that define their worth, but aspects of who they are that can bring joy, curiosity, and nourishment.

Body Image and Mental Health

These two seem to pair together well, sadly. Here are some ways to dissociate these two; body image and mental health

Vaping is for Fuuls

Vaping is gaining popularity, especially among young teens and college aged adults. Some argue that it’s better than smoking cigarettes and others claim it helps them relax. Yet, approximately 60% of teens incorrectly report e-cigarettes being comprised mostly of flavoring. What’s the truth about vapes?

Don’t Wait! Vaccinate!

What’s the big deal about vaccinations? Why are they so controversial and why should we get them??

Vegetable Gardening 101

Looking to start your own vegetable garden in your backyard this spring? Read on for some helpful gardening tips!