Bozeman Yoga for Beginners

New to yoga? Here’s a list of all the studios in Bozeman and the student discounts they offer!

So your mom just bought you a yoga mat for your birthday, your roommate always brags about the health benefits of yoga, and you see signs advertising hot yoga everywhere you go. What’s the hype all about??

Yoga can be a beneficial activity for anyone, regardless of age or flexibility. Yoga is a strength building exercise, can improve athletic performance, and protect you from injury. Yoga not only has physical benefits, but improves mental health as well. Yoga can help people better manage their stress, promote better sleep quality, relieve anxiety, and increase mind and body self-awareness.

Now that you’ve decided to start practicing yoga in hopes of realizing some of these health benefits, where do you start? Well, if you are more of a home exercise individual, there are plenty of YouTube channels that you can follow on your own time (my personal favorite is Yoga with Adrienne . However, if you thrive in a class setting, then here’s a list of all the best yoga Bozeman has to offer.

Ekam Yoga:

If you are a local resident, your first class is free!!!!

Student Drop In Class= $12

Intro Month= $30

Monthly Auto-pay= $80 (students receive a 25% discount with valid ID)

Your Yoga:

Drop In Class= $10

Intro Month= $30

Student Monthly Auto-pay= $50

Mountain Yoga:

Student Drop In Class= $12

Intro Month= $30 (the 2nd and 3rd month are $55/month)

Monthly Auto-pay= $80, $68 for students (comes with lots of benefits including free guest passes and numerous discounts!) \

Spire Climbing Center:

Student Drop In Class= $14 for just yoga, $16 for fitness center

Student Monthly Auto-pay= $65

Not only does this membership allow you to access all of their yoga classes, but you have full access to the climbing walls, membership discounts, and lots of cool classes!!

If you’d like to try hot yoga, Bozeman homes a few studios where this intense, hot, and sweaty practice is offered. Hot yoga can be a great workout and offer benefits similar to regular yoga. If you’re a beginner, be sure to bring plenty of water, towels, comfortable clothes, and catch up on safety precautions before attending a class!

Bend Beyond Yoga:

Drop In Class= $20

Intro Month: $39

Monthly Auto-pay= $79 for full time students

Don’t forget!!! If you would really like to get invested in yoga, MSU offers yoga classes through the activities courses and there are classes for any level from beginner to advanced! Talk to your academic advisor about course offerings for the upcoming school year. You can also check out the Group Exercise Schedule for a list of summer fitness class offerings (classes are free until May 24!!!)

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